Types Of Teas In India

With so many types of teas, the average consumer is left spoilt for choice. But, making an informed choice also becomes an imperative.

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tyoes of teas

Tea–the very word brings forth the picture of a cup brimming with a piping hot quintessential beverage that oozes warmth and comfort. With tea topping the charts as the most consumed (and loved) beverage, second only to water. It is natural for the beverage to be available in a wide variety that suits every taste, palate and need.

With so many types of teas in India, the average consumer is left spoilt for choice. But, making an informed choice also becomes an imperative. That’s the reason we are here with a recco on all things tea. With an aim to bring you the best tea from India, we have compiled this go-to guide on the best Indian teas. So just sit back, maybe with a hot cuppa as your company, and scroll down to read up on the best chai.

Types of teas in India:

India is a melting pot of culture where every few miles you will come across a different language, local cuisine, culture, and flavor. In keeping with the diversity of India, our country is home to a huge array of the classic beverage with which we Indians kick start our day.

There are multiple categories based on which we can look at the teas from India. Some of the Indian teas that will have you asking for cupfuls through the day are:

1. On the basis of the region they are procured from

  • Darjeeling Tea: Straight from the Darjeeling tea gardens in the hills right into your cups with its exotic, mystique flavors that are best enjoyed without milk and sugar.
    • Assam Tea: Smooth and malty in flavor, with strong and rich notes, it is the perfect brew to wake up to.
      • Nilgiri Tea: Fruity, minty, and brisk flavor in a cup of strong aromatic liquor.
        • Kangra Tea: Sweet green and black tea that is milder than the Darjeeling brews. Its lingering aftertaste will leave you craving for more. Best pick for those looking for fine quality brew.
          • Dooars-Terai Tea: Lighter than the Assam tea, this one is for the connoisseurs who enjoy a bright and smooth drink.
            • Sikkim Tea: Home to an assortment of teas like green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea. Sikkim teas have a perfect blend for everyone.
              • Tripura Tea: Opt for this one if you are looking for quality CTC tea.

                2. Machine and hand processed tea have some of the finest quality products on the offer

                • Black tea: Processed in either CTC or orthodox ways, Black teas are the most oxidized variants that are known for retaining their flavors for years. Tastes best as iced tea.
                  • White tea: The delicate white teas, harvested primarily in China, are less oxidized and minimally processed giving it a smooth and subtle flavor.
                    • Oolong tea: Mostly preferred in the Chinese provinces, processing Oolongs require special tea plant cultivars.
                      • Green tea: Another minimally processed variety of tea, they are popular in Asian countries for their multiple benefits. Green tea flavors are subtle, mild and unique. Rich in antioxidants, green tea benefits for health and weight loss cannot be undermined.
                        • Fermented tea: Fermented teas are processed with open-air fermentation that mellows down the pungent and bitter flavors of tea, making them more sweet and pleasant.
                          • Yellow tea: Native to China, yellow teas are smooth and subtle in their aftertaste, with a fruity flavor that renders it soothing and palatable.

                            Tea drinking is much like wine tasting which is as much about enjoying the beverage as it is about experiencing the process. Having known the different varieties of teas, you can make an informed choice that suits your tastes and preferences.

                            No Indian household can thrive and survive without this magical brew that soothes the mind even as it stirs the soul. A steaming cup with enticing flavors in every drop, and aromatic aftertaste is enough to transport us to the most cozy haven.

                            We all have our favorite cuppa that we can’t do without. And to find yours, you know we are just a click


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