Namaste / नमस्ते

THE CHAI WALAH is a boutique tea laboratory that blends and sells Truly Handmade Artisanal Teas / Chai as well as running pop-up chai carts dotted around the streets of India to serve the most hygienic cups of freshly brewed Artisan Chai on the go, intended to serve one cup at a time and change the way how India drink chai.

THE CHAI WALAH is founded by Faisal Yousaf aka Mr: Chai Walah, while he was living in England, where he worked as a certified Barista in the speciality coffee industry and ran an independent coffee roastery in trendy East London. His love affair with caffeine filled Coffee, Tea and passion for Spices, Herbs, his Indian heritage and nostalgia of morning chai rituals he used to have in his childhood back in India led him to experiment with chai to find roots back to india.

Coming back home after being an expat for so long and gallivanting around, he was inspired from his travels through hidden tea rooms, vibrant night markets, highland plantations and nomadic tents, where he discovered real tea. In these distant lands, where traditional recipes are handed down from generation to generation, the knowledge of spices and preparations lived on for centuries. He missed all that since being back and could not find anything similar, so he brought all that tea knowledge home to bring those old flavours to the new world which led to the humble beginnings of THE CHAI WALAH from a custom built market cart in a backwater town called Alleppey in Southern India at the end of 2018.


At THE CHAI WALAH, all of our ingredients are responsibly sourced directly from family run plantations across India, who have been growing Tea & Spices for generations. All of our chai blends are blended in high grown Assam black tea, that grows in the foothills of the Himalaya's along the Brahmaputra River, with our team always looking for something special, we then focus on the brewing to ensure every cup tastes just as it should!


To revolutionise the way how India drinks chai from a roadside tea stall by serving up the most hygienic cup of chai on -the-go and disrupt the industry with cutting edge tech


To provide aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to get into entrepreneurship and create job opportunities and skill developments in entrepreneurship for the youth within their local communities.