It's said that ALL amazing ideas begin as a seeding and grow as you constantly water and feed them with commitment, hard work and passion. That's exactly how THE CHAI WALAH began. An Indian origin in London, an idea, an undeniable passion for the blend of Tea and Spices!


"At THE CHAI WALAH, we live and breathe a good cup of chai. We offer only the best in quality ingredients and experience so you'll simply come back and drink chai with us, time and time again.We see ourselves as a boutique chai laboratory with deep roots in Indian culture rather than an organisation. We personally meet with every prospect to ensure we choose only the best to represent our brand"


Smart and mobile, THE CHAI WALAH popup cart is a stunner. Compact and comes equipped with all utilities to serve hot/cold beverages and snacks as well as our line of merchandise.


The Popular designer kiosk, attractively designed to fit in Malls, Lobby's and any indoor and outdoor setting, 100% modular and durable kiosk for outdoor highstreet or university setting. Anti theft and weather proof. Setup in an area of 100 - 150 sqft. This kiosk model can also be operated as a part of another outlet like a Hypermarket, Super Market or in a bigger retail space along with other brands.


Sprawled in full seating style, this is a typical retail shop. set up in an area of 250 - 1000 sqft, this space allows for a complete range of products & services.